About Nisr

EL-NISR was incorporated in Egypt in 1945 in order to manufacture lead-acid batteries for automotive in Egypt and worldwide. EL-NISR is the global leader in lead-acid and advanced batteries for conventional vehicles.
EL-NISR is one of the key players serving with its high capacity and hundreds of product range in its main scope of activity and aiming to meet market requirements with more efficient and environment friendly products through its wide R&D team, enabling its customers to differentiate themselves with its special design products and having high brand recognition in its sector.

El-Nisr Company for chemical industries group consists of three factories with different high quality product to achieve one goal which is EL-NISR® battery

Plastic production factory

Manufacture of automotive batteries boxes with reliable precision technology

Batteries recycle factory

Recycle lead-acid batteries under strict environmental regulations.

MF batteries production factory

Manufacture of automotive batteries in Egypt for both Japanese, European and Truck models of automotive.


All EL-NISR products are maintenance free (MF) batteries that contain an apparatus for gas/liquid segregation, to maximize electrolyte collection, and a calcium alloy, eliminating the need to replenish distilled water for the entire life of the product. In addition, the calcium MF battery maximizes / minimizes self-discharge for extended life, making the product convenient for the user and economically practical.

Furthermore, in addition to the car batteries, EL-NISR also manufactures batteries for industries, telecommunications, and agricultural machinery and is also making plans for the development of a battery for futuristic cars run on electricity.

At EL-NISR, we are committed to operating as an environmentally responsible organization.
Motor vehicle batteries or ‘lead batteries’ gain their environmental edge from their closed-loop life cycle. A typical new lead battery already contains 60 to 80
percent recycled lead and plastic. When a used battery is collected, it is sent by the manufacturer or local authority recycling center to an authorized recycling facility where, under strict environmental regulations.


Quality policy

EL-NISR policy is to strive for product excellence, prompt delivery and service at competitive pricing through continual improvement of our business & operation processes to meet regulatory, statutory & customers’ requirements and expectations.

Quality objective

To support the above Quality policy, EL-NISR is committed towards the following objectives
1. Improve productivity and efficiency
2. Minimize warranty claims.
3. Enhance customer satisfaction.
4. Reduce production defects to the minimum.
5. Provide resources and conducive working environment.
6. Achieve quality objectives and targets


Wherever your destination may take you, EL-NISR® batteries provide all the energy to take you there. Whether you are driving your very first car, you own a vehicle with start-stop functionality, or you drive a highly equipped vehicle with high energy required, EL-NISR® batteries offer the energy you want.

company policy

Al-Nisr Company is committed to the production of batteries compatible with the purpose and organizational context and support the strategic direction of the company, keeping pace with the latest global management systems in the field of work, and the introduction and use of modern technologies, and improve the performance of the company and its employees as well as all other stakeholders in order to achieve sustainable success by identifying Mission / Vision) Clear and consistent values ​​and meet the requirements of internal and external customers and stakeholders and their expectations and on time and quality and competitive prices and satisfactory through:
1. Quickly respond to customer requirements as well as interested parties, internal and external suppliers and partners.
2. Establish, implement and maintain a quality, environmental, safety and occupational health management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 and work on continuous improvement through internal audits conducted by the company.
3. A framework for action has been defined through the development of quality, environment, safety and occupational health objectives and reviewed on an ongoing basis for continuous improvement.
4. Commitment to meet the applicable and applicable requirements and to comply with the laws, legislation and regulations that apply to the Company and with the requirements agreed upon by internal and external customers and the relevant parties concerned.
5. The Company makes available, communicates, implements, maintains, publishes and ensures that this policy is understood to all employees of the Company and the relevant parties (visitors, contractors, customers, suppliers, partners) and to ensure its continuity through management reviews.
6. Apply the system to all employees of the company and the company verifies the application of internal audits with the support of qualified internal auditors, which the company has trained to achieve the correct application.
7. The company is upgrading the level of cultural and professional staff by applying training plans that include all categories of workers to qualify workers to work with global systems and to keep abreast of what is new and development and continuous improvement in the application of the means and plans of various quality sciences according to each area of ​​the company.
8. The Company shall comply with local environmental laws and legislations such as Law No. 4 of 1994 and Law No. 9 of 2009, as well as Labor Law No. 12 of 2003 on Occupational Safety and Health, Work Environment and Workers.
9. Management is implementing systems to achieve customer satisfaction and expectations as well as dealing with customer complaints and improve the company's performance towards quality, environment, occupational safety and health.

EL-NISR provides high-quality parts for all major vehicle systems, our engineers put expertise and precision into each and every EL-NISR® battery to get high quality product to achieve your convenience. When you select EL-NISR® battery you choose perfect accuracy


El-Nisr for chemical industries group is one of the largest industrial groups in Egypt. The group is also one of the oldest industrial castles in the country that engraved its name on the walls of its history when it supplied all branches of the Egyptian Armed Forces with lead acid batteries, during the 6th of October glorious war back in 1973.

Uniqueness has always been the key to the El-Nisr for chemical industries group product lines. With being the oldest in Egypt in its fields, the company produced unique products to serve many sectors of the society. For many years the company was the sole producer of such products in the country. In recent years, the company is adapting new product developments to always maintain a market advantage. Our products have always been what the client is looking for, and are priced affordably so they can compete globally.

The company doesn’t only sell to retail consumers, but it provides many government agencies, The Railroad authority, Telecom Egypt, National ports, Airports, major hotels, and major companies in Egypt, like car and furniture manufacturers of their needs of starter batteries, industrial cells batteries of many sizes and capacities,

In spite of that, the company is in continuous development and modernization of its products, manufacturing lines and production machines. The company contributes highly in keeping the environment clean with its pollution prevention programs that have been implemented with costs running at 22 million Egyptian pounds (4 million US Dollars).